ToDo List.

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  • ToDo List
  • Delete/Edit Posts
  • Cascade Delete (Delete a post, delete comments)
  • Markup
  • Sanitise DB inputs
  • Limit post list on main page
  • Release to public
  • Add paging to main page
  • Add Facebook and Google logins
  • Redirect to right page after adding/deleting/editing a post
  • Edit Profiles
  • Proper Profile Pages
  • Bigger comment boxes
  • Fix icon size on profile pages
  • Clean up delete/edit pages
  • Stop the damn comment box from scrolling over and hiding what you typed
  1. Report Posts
  2. Wire up the "Mark All As Read" button
  3. See more posts button
  4. Chat Timer
  5. Enable/Disable chat switch (stored in browser settings)
  6. Browser based notifications
  7. Password reset emails
  8. Follow Users / block users
  9. PMs
  10. Online/Offline icons
  11. Levels
  12. Badges
  13. Like Button