What's Being Said

  • Gunblade_Hero: The Universe is truly magical
    • Matulaak Wow, I had no idea most of those last ones even existed..
      2718 days ago
  • ArminJrpg: You Elk you've goota something about commenting ad stuff bro! whens that coming?
    • ArminJrpg you still have to click on comments to post a new comment

      2719 days ago
    • MadElk Oh, It's on the list, but there's definitely a few bugs and holes in the system that need to get patched first.
      2719 days ago
    • ArminJrpg k thnx!
      2719 days ago
  • -Saigo-: Why hello. What a wonderful little corner of the internet this is.
  • Spinnerweb: Even the ad box is neatly displayed. So this is neat
  • CarlitosWay: I need some opinions: I have been using a torrented version of Windows 7 for a while now, and every so often, it does a Windows Update and after that update, it declares my copy not-legit. Normally after a week or so, the computer goes back to normal. Personally its annoying because when im playing games, a pop-up comes up and minimizes my screen. As it turns out, i can get a copy of either Windows 7 pro 64 or Windows 8.1 Pro 64 for free from my school. Obviously ill have to start from scratch (again) but at least ill have peace of mind. Right now, i have yet to decide which OS i want. Which should i chose?
    • superfalcon i want to say windows 7 but windows 10 will be free for windows 8 users and 7 but rumors say the for 7 users it will only be for one year soo yeah
      2719 days ago
    • MadElk 8.1 is fine, but it really benefits from a touch screen. I don't have any real issues with it though, I use 8.1 for gaming, 7 for work and my development VM and 10 on my Surface.
      2719 days ago
    • Matulaak I much prefer 7, the interface of 8 looks like something you would use for a touch screen and doesn't seem as much "manual" as 7.
      2719 days ago
  • phoenixgaiangel_overlordedition: Guess I'm going to do this again~ -Random Anime Music #1 Duvet, sung by Konaka Riyu. It's the Opening to Serial Experiments Lain. Been watching it lately and it almost gave me a headache in its first episode.
  • MadElk: Woot, OoT completed
  • Ravenhoe: Just me and my wookie, arriving at Tattooine. Let's kick some Sandpeople heads !
    • Ravenhoe Because of the life debt I reckon. Well, as I said, I am (trying) to go for a light side playthough, but some people just need some smacking around. What did you guys do in the Sunry trial ?
      2719 days ago
    • MadElk Yeah it's the life debt, I don't think I needed to use force persuasion.
      2719 days ago
    • Ravenhoe Heck, whenever I use Force Persuasion on anyone, Bastila starts to nag, that old stick-in-the-mud
      2719 days ago
  • Spinnerweb: Rizelea why. Rizelea why you so quiet it's been four years and all the Fusers are supposed to come back home and we haven't talked since last July why Rizelea why.
  • Spinnerweb: Gonna have tests starting in March ;(
    • ArminJrpg dood im having tests every Fudgin day
      hate them hate theeem
      2721 days ago
    • Ravenhoe pre-medical. Gee, that sounds tough. Good Luck
      2721 days ago
    • Le Nosferatu My finals are on March as well
      Haven't been able to play anything for quite sometime
      On the plus side after entrance exams are over , by the month of May I suppose, I'll probably buy Witcher 3 or Arkham Knight and make up for all those time that I've been away from my PC. Good Luck on your tests

      2720 days ago