What's Being Said

  • TidusandYuna: Anyone still here?
  • Uesugi-dono: Someone just commented on Akuma's new look with "Hakuma Matata." I'm crying I'm laughing so hard!
    • TidusandYuna That is pretty funny.I used to love the Street Fighter series not just because of it's gameplay,but because it's characters have interesting pasts as well.I watched the Street Fighter Alpha anime years ago when it showed things about Ryu and Akuma.I also watched the Street Fighter II animated movie years ago as well.Too bad I didn't watch the uncensored one when it shows Chun Li naked in the shower,Bunneh would have loved that!
      2071 days ago
    • TidusandYuna At least at one point in time,one of my countrymen(Sagat),was the fighting champion of the world

      2071 days ago
    • Uesugi-dono Yeah they need to bring Sagat back. He was always a powerhouse.
      2071 days ago
  • Uesugi-dono: Good morning, me. And idn't it a luuuuvly morning?
  • Uesugi-dono: Hey, on the bright side the Online Users features sorta works now... I'm the only one!
  • Uesugi-dono: Alllllll byyy myyyyseeelllf...
  • Uesugi-dono: https://youtu.be/IeadQvDTOiI
  • Uesugi-dono: Are you all still here?
  • Tornado711: So I stumbled across this site recently, discovering that this is apparently what was supposedly the new fuse. Well ONE OF THE NEW FUSES. Aside from you know that facebook group, the gameinformer page run by matastig and edorbr, and this. It seems there's not much activity on this site. Shame I discovered it past it's glory years, there's actually some familiar faces on here
    • Spinnerweb That said though, this was the best platform. Facebook is too intrusive, GameInformer is too exclusive. Shame we couldn't get everyone to gather here.
      2213 days ago
    • MadElk I really wanted to make this place somewhere special, maybe I should have worked on it for longer before launching it. But I think that time has long past and everyone has already long since splintered off into their groups (and probably since left) so this will remain for a while as kind of a relic
      2212 days ago
    • Uesugi-dono There may yet be hope. @madelk
      2075 days ago
  • Le Nosferatu: Yo @Elk,@Spinny You guys alive?!
    • Le Nosferatu
      The Japanese ones are always better than the Korean colored H-Manhwas.
      2213 days ago
    • Spinnerweb Those look stupid. Hentai is where it's at. Hnnnnnngghhh

      2213 days ago
    • MadElk It's been a LONG time since I was in the GI page. Something about it and the layout kept making me think of MySpace

      2212 days ago
  • Spinnerweb: I can't swear on my main forum, but Fuse always been cool with that so I came here to say: Mother fuck. Done.