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  • Spinnerweb: Step 1: Put on nostalgic rock ballads. Step 2: Find WayBackMachine pictures of GameSpot Fuse. Step 3: Look at them while listening to nostalgic rock ballads. Step 4: Think of all the people there and all the fun had. Step 5: Cry.
    • MadElk

      2337 days ago
    • Spinnerweb Yay
      Elk, I just wanna say I really appreciate how you kept this joint online. It could still take off. Miracles happen. Some sites get going after a long while. Motley Crues get signed to Elektra Records. Either way, I really love the effort you put into it.
      2337 days ago
  • Spinnerweb: Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Second Chapter comes out in five days. I miss Phoenixgaiangel a lot thinking back to years ago on Fuse when he was such a big fan of the first game and was waiting for Second Chapter for so long. It was a long, hard battle for XSEED and Carpe Fulgur to localize Second Chapter. The head of Carpe Fulgur eventually gave in because of depression and XSEED had to work by themselves to finish the game's localization. It's nine years old in Japan by now, and only now it's coming out in English. I tried since 2011 to beat the First Chapter on the PSP, but personal life ALWAYS got in the way and I never ended up finishing it despite many, many attempts. But the games are really easy to run and I'm going to finish First Chapter on the PC and then Second Chapter and maybe someday they'll have Third Chapter out. In Phoenixgaiangel's honour. I hope he's happy wherever he is these days D:
    • Spinnerweb I almost forgot the sad violin music: www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVfcFrDMTBw
      2483 days ago
  • The Follow Button: It is I! The Follow Button! You have clicked me many, many times!
    • Spinnerweb The nostalgia is extreme. We love you and miss you, Follow Button!

      2487 days ago
  • Spinnerweb: 3D Streets of Rage 2
  • Spinnerweb: Been playing Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven, Mario Kart 7, Animal Crossing New Leaf (I hate this game), and Dink Smallwood. hbu
    • Spinnerweb Haha, I hate ACNL too
      Did you buy Lord of Magna too? That's great
      I love Lord of Magna.
      2595 days ago
    • superfalcon I am currently playing bloodborne and batman AK ..... and i have't opened animal crossing 3ds in over a year

      2591 days ago
    • Gunblade_Hero Yep I did Spinna I love it too.And been playing Digimon Re: Digitize and the surprisingly addicting and fun Idol Master on PSP

      2588 days ago
  • ZGamerF: Yo Mark, you need to promote this website!
    • Spinnerweb I don't get why they wanted to stay divided when this is the closest thing to Fuse. But yeah, people moved on. Hard to believe it's already been two years since Fuse pretty much died. I never like moving on and always would have wanted to keep the old gang together, but then Fuse was my online home for so long. Can't have been the same sentimental value for many people, I guess. hbu
      2616 days ago
    • superfalcon needs a gif
      2615 days ago
    • ZGamerF I hate Gamespot for taking it out. That was the best thing it has ever created. For shame, oh well. - _ - @superfalcon It really needs a GIF

      2612 days ago
  • Spinnerweb: @Gunblade_Hero Happy birthday, man
  • Le Nosferatu: Anybody there? Its been awfully quiet in here for the past couple of days.
  • Spinnerweb: I'm back from my exams.